Fake plastic trees create a huge carbon footprint in the manufacturing process. Plus they are usually shipped to the UK from the other side of the globe. Whilst they can be re-used they don’t last forever, or biodegrade, so they inevitably end up in landfill at some point.

Whilst there are a growing number of business models for renting and recycling real trees which provide a semi-solution to the environmental impact of their production, this can still be pretty devastating. Real trees are often exposed to pesticides and grown as part of a monoculture (the same crop planted on a large area), neither of which are good news for the soil or wider ecosystem. There are also varying levels of eco-friendliness with real trees depending on where you source them and what you do with them come January.

An Eco Christmas Tree is for anyone looking to have less impact on the planet this festive season and in years to come.

But where does the wood come from? And how sustainable is it?

The branches of each Eco Christmas Tree are crafted from coppiced hazel, which is cut as part of traditional woodland management on the Swanton Novers estate in North Norfolk. Swanton Novers is a Natural England Nature Reserve and a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). This means the management of the woodland has to abide by very strict conservation rules.

For more detailed information, visit SSSI Definition and Value to Conservation – Woodland Trust.

Eco Christmas Tree on Mousehold Heath.
Hazel woodland.

The process of coppicing benefits not only the trees being cut, encouraging regrowth and longevity, but also the many plants and creatures that share the woodland habitat. Trees are coppiced as part of a rotation (commonly in twelve-year cycles) and the wood harvested is usually used for fencing or to make products like walking sticks. Any wood which isn’t used for these purposes is often simply burnt.

Our log bases are provided by Tom, a local tree surgeon who helps manage various woodlands across Norfolk. The bases are alder, which is in plentiful supply in Norfolk due to the many lakes and rivers here which provide the right environment for alder to thrive. Tom extracts alder from crowded woodlands as part of their ongoing management and the resulting wood would usually be turned into firewood.

So, the wood used for your Eco Christmas Tree is being cut anyway – no trees were actually harmed in the making of your tree!

Absolutely gorgeous wood tree and lovely friendly service, highly recommend you will not be disappointed.


The tree left me speechless!! It’s absolutely beautiful and arrived so well packaged. It was really easy and fun to put together and I know will bring many years of joy! Thank you!


A gorgeous alternative to a real or plastic tree. Took seconds to put up and looks fantastic. Ours is a two foot one and is great as a table top tree.


Gorgeous Xmas tree & we received lots of compliments.


I adore my new wooden tree it exceeded my expectations. The quality is fantastic and it is so easy to put together. All my friends are commenting on how unique and natural it looks too. Thank you for making my Christmas’s more beautiful and natural.


We love the tree. Our 3 year old loved putting it together with me. It’s perfect. Thank you!